Torch Lake Kayak Rentals

Summer kayak rentals can be the best way to explore Torch Lake. Paddle or peddle to one of the many local attractions on the lake.   Do a little fishing.  Or simply spend a relaxing day floating down one of the rivers while enjoying the abundant wildlife.

Torch Lake’s notable attractions include the sand bar at the very south end of the lake.  During the weekdays, the sand bar is quiet with a low volume of boaters anchored up to the sandy bottom.  However,  on the weekends the sand bar turns into a place to be and to be seen for the party crowd.  Often times, hundreds of boaters from all over converge to enjoy the water and sunshine in a party-like atmosphere. 

Or head north along the west shore of the lake.  At the mouth of the Clam River is the popular restaurant,  The Dockside. Dock access allows boaters to tie up and enjoy food and drinks on an expansive deck directly on the river.  This would be a great place for a little rest, food and refreshments during your day on the lake.

If solitude is what you seek, steer towards the rivers.  As a part of the Chain of Lakes,Torch Lake is accessible to 5 other lakes via several rivers.  The Torch River, located at the very south end of Torch Lake, is full of wonderful wildlife including bald eagles, swans, and loons.  Bass and pike are familiar game fish in the area.  Or kayak along the wetlands on the Grass River in the Grass River Natural Area. The Grass River Natural Area consists of over 1,000-acres of rivers, marshes, swamps, fields and forests.  Wildlife inhabiting the area includes bald eagles, otters, muskrats, swans and loons along with hundreds of species of plants and over 35 species of fish.

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